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sample of obituary template

Creating an obituary template is important to perform whenever someone wants to remind their loving in memoriam person. To write information about someone that has been passed away, especially for the needs of the funeral ceremony, can simply solve through a simple and concise obituary template is important. However, there are several points to consider when trying to make this template. For a further detailed overview and a sample of the obituary template, please continue to read the following information.

Things to Consider in Developing Obituary Template

Before trying to develop this template, be remember to point out all the important things that should be written in the template. In basic, an obituary template will consist of the following important points.

  • Name of the person that has been passed away. This is the main thing to write at the early of the template.
  • Picture of the dead person. This is to help anyone remember the person’s photograph.
  • The date of the death, so that people can remember this important date forever.
  • Funeral location, so that anyone who wants to come to the funeral will not find difficulties on searching the funeral place.
  • A paragraph of announcement or you can also mention a poem or a prayer for the person.
  • Name of the family members. The obituary must be written by the family member.

Sample of Obituary Template

obituary template example
obituary template example

obituary template sample examples of obituary template

The following is one good example of an obituary template. This template is easy to follow and can directly copy and paste as necessary.

By using the above template and by understanding all the important points above, creating a simple obituary letter will not be a difficult thing anymore. However, if you feel that this information still not enough to follow on, then don’t hesitate to download the following link for the obituary template. It is free and also simple to follow.

Obituary Template TemplateDownload Here

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